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Alientech Kess v2 Master Truck Protocols

KESS Serial programming ECU

OBDII serial programmer appreciated in the wide range of Alientech products, it supports a large number of vehicles thanks to a continuous development of communication protocols 

Kess features are the best solution for the professional tuner who wants modify ECU maps for the use of vehicles on road or in a racing track

Kess is an hardware interface that allows communication between ECU and PC.
Through the use of OBDII connector, is possible read and write the ECU using the K Line or the CANbus for recent vehicles.

KESS dedicated software allows to chose the vehicle, display data and number of ECU, manage download and upload of the files, chose writing speed and save injectors code when is necessary.

A complete product also about "checksum" because allows an automatic correction during the step of writing, in this way the customer will save on the purchase of communication protocols. Moreover is possible buy only what is needed because all communication protocols of KESS are purchasables distinctly. 

Communication between KESS and ECU includes many options:

  • The connection with ECU can be established through K line or CANbus.
  • K2 cable for a direct connection with ECU through K line. This is dedicated to all the vehicles that doesn't uses OBDII standard
  • K4 cable is available for a direct connection on ECU pins when you are working in Boot Loader mode (get off ECU from vehicle)
  • User can setup the program has eh wants. The file can be entirely programmed or only in maps sector
  • Is possible set reading and writing speed depending on the safe level that the user wants mantain.
  • With ScanTool features is possible check errors stored in memory and erase it automatically (Diagnostic Trouble Code)
  • Automatic checksum correction on recent vehicles
  • Communicartion protocols dedicated to only a group of vehicles
  • Online upgrade (AlienUpgrade)
  • Multilanguage Software (Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, English, Spanish, Hungarian).

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